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      nevestica bow tie sets in black and rose gold from our studio

      Our studio and work flow

      We thought that we could introduce also our work space and share a bit our behind the scenes images so you can have a better idea where these beautiful bow ties and other accessories are made. 

      Our production is located in Europe, Slovenia. We hire local seamstresses, sometimes also students, if the sales go up in some parts of the year. Usually all our material are bought locally from nearby countries. We order leather form Italy, Portugal and Greece. Metal parts come form Chez Republic. Fabric is bought here in Slovenia since we have many importers for it. 

      We ship from Our studio for Europe, for United States and Canada our items are shipped form our warehouse in Houston Texas. 

      Hope you enjoyed our breef tour. 



      Our work space for bowties sewing


      Velvet green oversized bow tie style suitable for formal occasion men groomsmen prom